Monday, March 4, 2013

Another year, another paddle to Rotto!

Every year since we have lived here Jason has support kayaked for a local swimmer in the annual swim to Rottnest Island (19.2km off-shore).

Jason borrows a kayak off our friends Sandy and Nathan, its very lucky that we can do this otherwise Jason would most likely need to use his canoe polo boat - which wouldn't be a pleasant 5 or 6 hours!

As you can see below, our boat crazy baby LOVES it!!! He runs round saying "mumma, its a boat", and "Dad, its a boat!"...
In the last few days leading up to the race the forecast was for pretty horrendous crossing conditions so Ethan and I declined the offer of tickets over the Rottnest Island to meet up with Jason when he finished. As it happened the bad weather never eventuated!

On race morning we needed to get Jason and the boat to Cottesloe beach by 6am. Ethan was such a good little boy - it probably helped by all the boats, planes, helicopters, and birds that he could spot! All we had was "mumma, its a boat, birbie (birdie), pane (plane), its a boat!!!!!!!". He was sooooo excited and had a great time!
The race itself was a bot different for Jason this year,his swimmer is usually a solo swimmer but this year he was swimming in a team. It meant the race start was later than usual but they were passing lots of people along the way - which is always good for morale!

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