Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home decorating!

 So for those of you that haven't been to our house our main bedroom had a really ugly feature wall that I really did not like at all! Its difficult to capture truly how ugly the colour was, but I am sure Ethan's nappy has been a similar colour at times hahaha! You will have to excuse the unmade bed and the pretty bad photos... but here is the bedroom wall in question pre home decorating!
Here's a look from down the hallway!
 So a couple of weeks ago I had finally had enough of "the wall" so off we went to Bunnings to get some new paint.... and we came home with a couple of rolls of wallpaper!

Jason was a wall papering machine, he papered the whole wall in Ethan's afternoon nap! Here is the hallway shot again for you... again, excuse the unmade bed! How much better does the wall look!
 Here's the whole wall! Jason did have to deal with a very old and crooked house so there is one part of the wall where the wallpaper just didn't meet/match up (bottom right under the windowsill). But we have a plan to fix that!
 Here is the pattern close up! Its sooooo pretty and no longer resembles a baby's nappy!
I have also been playing round with the off cuts and will make some art work for the other walls! This one was just an experiment... watch this space for the finished products!
So as you can imagine I am very happy with the new improved bedroom.... but the new wall paper really highlighted how awful the carpet is in the bedroom....

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