Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friends of the Zoo

Ethan loves anmals (animals), he also loves the Movie Madagascar 3.... so two weekends ago we visited Perth Zoo, and enjoyed it so much that we became friends of the Zoo (i.e. buying an annual pass so that we can go as many times as we like!).

We started off in one of the bird enclosures... I didn't manage any photos of the birds, but it was a lovely setting!
We then headed off to see the elephants! Ethan was mesmerised!

We got to see turtle shells... they must have been sleeping when we visited!
Ethan loved "talking" to this furry fellow!
I really enjoyed the Zebras and loved some of the photos I got... so I have included a few of them here for you! Sorry if some of them look very similar!

While Ethan and Jason were checking out the lions den, I got a couple of old favourite shots of flowers... these ones were very interesting and made me wish that I had my macro lens with me!

Jason called me in just in time to catch the big cat up and about...
It was a warm and humid day and lots of the animals were happy to sit still... we willed them to move but they were staying put!
Ethan LOVES birds so we spent a bit of time checking these fellows out, which I was pleased about as I got some great photos!

Finally we said hello to the penguins - having a nice swim!
The following week we decided to take advantage of our passes and visit the Zoo again. I stupidly said - I won't take my camera this time as the animals weren't very active last time.... well the second visit was SOOOOO different. It was a cooler day, later in the afternoon (just before closing time), there were very few visitors and the animals were all very active! It was a whole different experience to the previous week and I missed getting the photos! But in saying that, I got to just enjoy being at the Zoo and enjoy seeing Ethan's reaction to the animals!

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