Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visit to Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park is a 40 square kilometre bushland reserve not far from Perth (around 30 mins drive from our place). The park has heaps of attractions:

  • Lots of open lawn space for picnics;
  • Playgrounds;
  • a Water Playground;
  • A 4km electric tram journey around the park;
  • A 6km railway line around the park;
  • A tractor museum;
  • A car museum; and 
  • The Caversham Wildlife Park.
We visited on the weekend and did the train ride, tram ride, playground and soft serve icecream (yummo). We will have to go back for the wildlife park and other attractions!

The Train

Ethan and Dad on the train waiting to leave the station 
Ethan getting excited about the train trip

"Train mama, train mama"

Some of the local bushland from the train!
 After the train we took a walk down to Mussel Pool.
 Some of the scenery down at Mussel Pool was great!

 Ethan and Dad had fun spotting tadpoles and turtles
Look Dad, there's a turtle.
While I spotted a pretty big, nasty looking spider.
After exploring the pool area we headed back to the village on the tram. Here's Ethan waiting at the tram stop. 
 And Ethan and mummy on the tram!
 After playing in the playground for a bit we all had a soft serve ice cream to tide us over until dinner!
All in all a great day, we will be back as there's plenty more to see! I am especially looking forward to taking Ethan to the wildlife park!

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