Thursday, February 28, 2013

Busselton 10km race

A few weeks ago Jason, Ethan and I headed off to Busselton for the weekend for a 10km race. This was my first race since the knee injury and I was hoping it was going to go ok!

Busselton is a 2.5 - 5 hour trip depending on traffic! We left at 3.30pm so our trip (with a stop for a play and some food) was around 3.5 hours. Ethan was ok on the drive given we had picked him up straight from daycare!

We arrived in Busselton and it was idyllic! We went for a walk along the beach, grabbed a takeaway pizza and let Ethan have a play at a playground! I could actually feel myself unwinding after just being there 15 minutes! Ethan slept really well that night as well - given how difficult it was on our last away trip I was really happy! Ethan woke at 6.15 ish which was when I was due to get up anyway! So it worked perfectly!

The race itself was good, I didn't set any time records but I came 7th and I was happy with the effort and I made my time goal with 15 seconds to spare!

Here is Ethan on his All Blacks camp chair eating his breakfast on the foreshore while I am out doing my warm up!

Here's Ethan checking out the birdies and boats (two of his favourite things in the world) while I am racing!
All in all it was a successful weekend away!

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