Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jungle Cub Sports

We have started Ethan in Jungle Cub Sports for a term. Its all about introducing 18 - 36 month old kids to a variety of sports. The program is about having a lot of fun with you children and also developing co-ordination, ball skills and listening skills etc. Sports covered in the sessions are soccer, rugby, AFL, basketball, cricket, athletics, obstacle courses and more!

There is a 9 week term and the kids have a cute little uniform to play in!
I would be lying if I said that the first week went well. As you can see below we had the kid rolling round in the goal in the background while others were passing the ball with their parents! It was a little struggle to get Ethan to concentrate and participate but we had to start somewhere!

Our second week was much more successful, it started out with some running relays and if there is one thing Ethan likes to do, its run! Just like his Mama! We then moved onto rugby which involved "scoring tries" on the mat. Ethan enjoyed rolling onto the mat (with or without the ball!).

I wonder what next week's class will bring!

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Melanie said...

Would love to know what you think at the end of the term. :)