Monday, April 1, 2013

A weekend of sport!

Last weekend was all about sport in our house!

It started with an outing for me to the Basketball at the new Perth Arena on the Friday night (Perth Wildcats versus the New Zealand Breakers). I was hosted in the Alinta corporate box and it was an amazing evening with great atmosphere. Check out the video I took (for those on email notifications click here).

Unfortunately the New Zealand team lost, but it was still an amazing evening.

On Saturday we had Jason's 2013 Water Polo grand final match! It was a beautiful day and the boys were quietly confident (having put the 2012 Champions out in the first round of finals).

Here's Ethan just waiting for all the action!
 Jason was looking nice and relaxed for his game!
 It was a tense match. After a good first quarter which saw Jason's boys with a handy lead they went scoreless for the whole second quarter which let the other team have a glimpse of victory  However throughout the match Jason's team managed to stay 1 goal ahead.
The final quarter was punctuated with many team time outs and strategising as each team tried to work out how to win the game. But, for the first time in 5 years of making the Grand Final, Jason's team prevailed! Taking out the low scoring final 5 goals to 4!

Jason was exhausted.... but happy!

 The team was over the moon... and the celebrating began immediately!
The following morning Jason and Ethan went to jungle sports while I headed out into the Perth Hills for the Darlington half Marathon (12km uphill then 9.1km downhill). I have been working hard on my running lately and I was hoping for a good run. The day was clear and a little cooler than normal which suited me as I tend to run slightly better in the cooler temperatures.

Once I started my warm up I knew I was going to meet my target time for the race! I just felt good!

I had given my coach a 2 minute target range for the race, and I am really happy to say that I came in exactly in the middle of my target time range!

This was with a stop during the race as well.... the night before my race Jason and I built Ethan a mini trampoline. When we were doing it we lost a washer and could not find it again. 10km into my half marathon I felt what I thought was a stone in my shoe. Given the start of the race was on a gravelly trail I wasn't surprised at all. I scrunched my toes up a bit to move the debris into a more favourable spot in my shoe and then carried on running. Unfortunately as the KMs ticked over the "stone" felt like it was getting bigger and bigger until I finally stopped and whipped my shoe off to see what was in there. Low and behold it was the missing washer!!! It left a nasty blister beneath my big toe as well! But I must say it was a much more pleasant final few KMs sans washer that's for sure.

Here I am at the end of the race. Pretty happy with my effort!
In terms of results, I won my age group and was 12th female overall. So things are starting to go really well for me running wise.

After I got home from the half marathon Jason and I took Ethan to his swimming lesson. Ethan's swimming can be pretty hit and miss... sometimes he enjoys it and sometimes he hates it! Well this time Ethan had a ball and was just amazing! The teacher said he was an absolute joy to have in class as well!

For his efforts Ethan came home with a merit award as well (for climbing out of the pool unaided).

So all in all it was a very successful and fun sporting weekend for the whole family.

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