Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Fence and landscaping Part 2

You may recall reading about our new fence and landscaping in a previous blog post (read here). Well over Easter weekend 2013 we made some massive progress on the landscaping!

We needed 3 cubic metres of dirt to fill our new garden (4 trailer loads), so as Jason was getting the dirt and dropping it off for me., I was filling the new garden up. Its been a while since I have shovelled dirt! It was great... until the next day that is hahaha.

Next up was the selection and planting of the mature trees. We had scouted a shop out weeks ago and pretty much decided that we wanted to plant Chinese Tallows in this garden. This is due to their shallow root systems (the garden goes over some of our sewerage pipes) and the fact that they are deciduous (we wanted the shade in summer but the light in winter). Unfortunately, despite advertising being open for all public holidays the nursery we went to was closed for Easter! Luckily we had our phones handy... a quick google search and a phone call and we were off to what worked out to be a much better nursery for mature trees. 

After a slow drive home (we wanted to minimise the trauma on the new trees) Jason set out to plant our new trees. With Ethan's help of course!

The next day we chose the remainder of the plants for our garden. As you can see we went for varied colour and heights.

Jason spent the afternoon planting our new plans and the end result was just stunning!
There's nothing like the sun shining through the leaves of the new trees!
A few weeks later our new trees turned into stunning reds, oranges and yellows as autumn hit!

The final stage in our landscaping will be the completion of the upper tier of the garden... this is gfoing to be a pond/water feature. We will need to wait a few weeks before we finish this part of the garden, but the photo below shows the space that we are working with.
I'll keep you posted as the pond work develops!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Great effort - it looks awesome. Love that you got some autumn colour almost straight away too - instant results xx