Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guitar Hero

A couple of years ago Jason mentioned that he would like to learn the guitar... neither of us gave this statement a second thought until recently. Being a stay at home mum I have become an avid reader of junk mail and at the end of November a catalogue for a music shop arrived with a number of specials on guitars... and then and there Jason's Christmas present was decided!

Jason was VERY curious as to what was contained in the rather large box! Especially since I did tell him that it wasn't for his car or computer. He tried shaking it, lifting it up and down, everything. I was very careful to tape all the seams very thoroughly so that he wouldn't be able to sneak a look through into the box either!

But, after a tough day here in Perth we both caved in and opened our main presents to each other a couple of days early!

Ethan was very helpful with the unwrapping... Ethan has a great fondness for paper, I thought I caught all of it before he swallowed, but there was evidence the next day that proved otherwise... if you know what I mean.Once the wrapping paper was off, it was pretty obvious what the present was... I tried to trick Jason by saying that the box was just a random box I picked up from the shops! It worked for about a second! Here is Jason's guitar, pretty isn't it!
I thought that given Jason was getting a guitar, it was a good idea to get Ethan his own guitar as well. That way we might keep little fingers from wanting what Daddy has!Here's Jason trying out his new toy!
And Ethan doing the same!
The boys guitars in the new stand!
Jason and Ethan just jammin' together!
So since Christmas, Jason has learned 6 chords and it is sounding really good! Jason often practices in the morning after we have eaten breakfast while Ethan is still finishing his breakfast.

Watch this space for some video as Jason improves!

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