Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food... by Ethan Papps

I love food! I love experimenting with new tastes and textures...

I squish fruit between my fingers, and I suck the juice,
I scoop up yoghurt in my hands and drip it into my mouth,
I grab soaked weetbix and feed it to myself,
I chew on red capsicum and cucumber sticks (much to Daddy's disgust),
and I pretty much eat whatever my mummy and daddy eat

I love food in all shapes and sizes, fruit, veggies- you give it to me, and I'll try it!

I love all vegetables,
I actually think my Daddy is a little sad that I choose vegetables over meat!
My favourite vegetable is corn on the cob, I can eat it for hours!
I also like potato and sweet potato wedges, as well as roast pumpkin and carrot.
It's also fun to chase the peas around my high chair tray!
I love bread - fresh and toasted.
My favourite toppings are cottage cheese, avocado and marmite.
Did someone say cheese?
Fruit and cheese sticks are a great afternoon snack!
Although my mummy should learn that I don't really like my fruit too cold!
Some fruit (like mango) is pretty slippery and it can go flying everywhere,
when all I really want is for it to be in my mouth.
My mummy worked out that if she leaves the skin on mango, I can get all the nice fruity bits off while leaving the skin.
How clever am I??
Recently my mummy worked out that I LOVE cottage cheese.
I love it plain, or mixed with tuna.
I can dip vegetables or fruit in cottage cheese, or eat it on its own!
The other day I had mince, cottage cheese and rice mixed together, that was fun!
I liked rubbing that mix in my hair and all over my face as well!

As you can see I really like food and experimenting with new things!
I think that I am trying pasta for the first time tonight! I sure hope that I can pick it up ok!

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