Friday, December 2, 2011

Alicia's wedding

The weekend after returning from New Zealand we went to the wedding of one of Jason's workmates. It started with the ceremony at Cottesloe Civic gardens at 10.30 am. What a beautiful venue!!! It was a lovely day, around 27 degrees, sunny with clear blue skies. The bride and groom thoughtfully provided us with cute parasols to keep the sun off us! A lovely thought!

For the ceremony Jason, Ethan and I went all in black, red and white!
We were asked by one of Jason's workmates if we planned the colour coordination?!? Hmmmm "ummm yip" was the answer!During the ceremony Ethan and I enjoyed the lovely manicured lawns! Much nicer than our lawn at home! Ethan is such a tactile person, he just couldn't stop touching the grass, he loves all different textures and it keeps him entertained for hours!Ethan stole the show in his little outfit, the photographers LOVED him! Who can blame them!
The lovely bride and her groom!
After the ceremony we had a long break until the reception (6.30pm). So we went home and got back into our normal routine for the day.

We all wore a second outfit to the reception (as did most of the guests)!

The reception was at Acqua Viva on the Swan River. When I say on the Swan River, I mean it. The building is out on the river, accessible via a jetty. It's a lovely venue, with the water gently lapping at the side of the building and the million dollar boats berthed outside.

Alicia had done some amazing work with her table decorations, I LOVED the place names!
So much so that I made them into a wall hanging once I got home!Given Ethan is usually in bed around 6.30pm I wasn't sure how the reception would go. I need not have worried, as he enjoyed every minute of it. Many of the guests remarked how good he was! So proud of our little boy.

We did leave before dessert though as Mummy was getting tired! Given the day's outings I was uncertain how many wake-ups Ethan would have over night! I think we had just the one. So all in all it was a lovely wedding and all three of us had a great time!

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