Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

A few weeks ago Ethan and I started swimming lessons with LifeCare. LifeCare Baby Swim teaches swimming skills and water safety techniques necessary to enjoy the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

The classes are lots of fun, and incorporate skill based activities into games and songs. We do water confidence, floating, kicking, arm action, turning and holding onto the side of the pool and eventually submersion.

Ethan LOVES his swimming lessons, here he is ready to go!The lessons start with splashing water over his face while singing songs with actions.
"Look at me Dad, look at me, I can kick"...
Ethan is pretty relaxed in the pool, especially when he is on his back!!!
The lessons really tire us both out, Ethan is often asleep within seconds of being back in the car! The other great thing is that the pool is just round the corner from Jason's work and he can pop in and watch us!

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