Thursday, November 24, 2011

Goodbye Pembroke Road...

With the amazing help of Jason's family we spent a number of days getting our Pembroke Rd house ready for sale while in New Zealand recently. It was our first house and I am a little sad to be saying goodbye to it! So this is a little tribute to Pembroke Rd.

When we bought the house I was heavily into triathlon and Jason was training for canoe polo so it was important for us to have a renovated house. Here is the kitchen, all it needed was a good clean and it looked as good as the day it did when we moved in.
The Pembroke Rd house had a great living area, including a wood burner. The living area opens out onto a great deck and had sun from around 10.30/11am each day. All we needed to do to this area for the sale was wash the walls/ceiling, replace the chipped tiles on the fireplace and dry clean the curtains.
The bathroom was small, but cute. While we were in NZ we replaced the vanity with a pedestal basin. While losing a little storage it gave an illusion of additional space! We also touched up the window sill and replaced the shower curtain.
The main bedroom has great sun, many an afternoon was spent reading a book in the sun on my bed. To get this room ready we replaced the carpet, fixed the blinds, added new curtains, replaced the lampshade, painted inside the wardrobe and washed the walls and ceilings.
The second bedroom didn't need much to get it ready for sale, new carpet, minor touch ups to the wallpaper, washing the blinds, painting inside the wardrobes and cleaning the walls and ceiling.
The deck was amazing, I'll miss this a lot. The outside of the house could have done with a paint, but we decided it wasn't worth it.
This is the bit I will miss the most about Pembroke Rd, the views, and all the running trails contained in these hills. Its just not like this in Perth.
While they were a lot of work (while we were living in NZ) and when we were fixing the property up for sale, the gardens were lovely. Again, its just not like this in Perth!
I won't miss the access to the property.... more than 70 steps, plus a path! I am a strong advocate for drive on access now!

And now for the good news... just 7 days after the house went on the market (and one open home) we received two offers. One met our expectations, was unconditional, and settled on 14 December... so Pembroke Rd is officially sold.A happy, and sad, day all in one.

Now, as you will all know, this blog was named after that house... watch this space for a potentially revamped blog/name...

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Josie said...

The place looks great! And well done on selling so quickly. We have not been so lucky with Cuba St...