Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New hobby- rainy day in Wellington

We were very fortunate to have the use of Jason's parents camera while we were away in Canada and it really opened up a whole new world for us (well me really)... I have found out that I really love taking photos. So two weeks ago Jason and I went and got a nice new camera for ourselves. Its really great. I have taken over 1000 photos already (arghhh the wonders of digital photography). Here is some of the first few photos... I will post more as they happen. This day was a wild Wellington Southerly storm that most sensible people were staying inside for. We decided it would be perfect for photos.

Jason was the driver and I was the photographer. I think lots of other people thought that we were very strange being out and about with a camera. Our first stop was breaker bay, here are some footsteps in the sand.

Jason at Breaker Bay looking out to the waves.

An artistic shot of flax at breaker bay.

After we left Breaker Bay we carried on around the South Coast. I have been round the bays so many times on my bicycle and I have NEVER ever seen these chairs before. Crazy, but true. A nice spot, even in the wind!! Looking out to the lighthouse across the channel...

All that's missing is the two oldies wrapped up in blankets drinking hot chocolate!!

The next step was the wall at the airport. Its really hard to capture the water but here are a few shots.

The water crashing over the wall from Lyall bay beach

There were hundreds of other photos from our three hour jaunt around the bays, but here is one of my last shots of the day. This is of the mini toi toi in our back garden.

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