Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day in vancouver: Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is on Vancouver's north shore. To get there Jason and I walked to the sea bus (about 30 minutes via a couple of sightseeing spots on the way), then took the sea bus. Once over at the North Shore we caught a bus to Grouse Mountain. It was great being able to negotiate public transport on our very first morning in Canada!!!

Below is how we got to the top of grouse mountain, an 8 minute gondola journey (these gondolas could take over 100 guests at a time!!!)

Jason at the top, in the snow (in Summer), it was actually a really beautiful day up in the mountains... the best day of our whole trip as the weather packed it in not long after:

There was an amazing bird show at the top of the mountain with 5 birds. They flew them through the crowd, just millimetres above people's heads!

Another one of the amazing birds in the bird show:

The bears at the top of the mountain had only just come out of hibernation and were fighting with each other, we got a whole series of amazing fighting shots. They were really smelly as you can imagine after a winter of sleeping!!!!

Me posing with the massive stutues at the top of the mountain, they were amazing!

Me throwing my first ever snow ball:

This is me cracking up at throwing my first ever snow ball at Jason, I don't think it got him, I was too worried about getting the camera.

One of the massive carvings, they were amazing!!!! and huge (just like most things in Canada I think).

This is the view of Vancouver from the top of the Mountain... we are pretty high up here. The green bush at the bottom right of the photo is the park that we raced around for the World Champs. This is known as Stanley Park.

Jason was SOOOOO not impressed that I made him have this photo with the "Bear". I laugh every time that I see this as his reaction was so funny. His face says it all I think.
I was getting a bit tired about now as we had been out all day but this park was in between Grouse Mountain and the Suspension Bridge. My ankles were still swollen from the flight and the grass was so lush and beautiful to walk on, it was heavenly.

Jason and I on our very first self timer shot... it was hilarious, we were using the big lense so Jason had to run about 40 metres frem where the camera was set up to where we were standing for the photo. He was fully puffed and people were staring at us like we were crazy! But it worked and it shows how big the mountains were:

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