Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day in Vancouver: Stanley Park on a tandem and the aquabus

After at least three days of begging Jason he finally relented and agreed to hiring a tandem to bike around Stanley park... and we had sooooo much fun. It was great!

Stanley Park is recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world! Vancouver's first park and one of the city's main tourist attractions, Stanley Park is an evergreen oasis of 1,000 acres.

The 8.8 km seawall is the park's most scenic and popular walking/biking/blading route. Apparantly . On September 21, 1980 the entire seawall loop around Stanley Park was declared officially completed with the final paving between Third Beach and Second Beach.

Our first stop was at the totem poles, the day we visited they opened two new poles as well:
Here we are both on the tandem... thank goodness for self timer buttons on the camera (and for the fact that Jason does all the running too and from the camera).

Here I am with the famous Lions Gate Bridge in the background. This bridge links Stanley Park with North Vancouver.

A closer look at the lion's gate bridge with the seawall in the foreground.

My attempt at looking wistful.

About 4 kms into our ride we came across a little path to Beaver Lake. Due to the ecological damage that we could cause we weren't allowed to ride our bike down this path. It was a great little detour though and the self timer came in handy again.

Here are some cute ducklings at Beaver Lake.

Jason and I with the self timer again and with the lions gate bridge in the background.
Jason's turn to look wistful. With Siwash in the background. This was taken from the back of the tandem. The next photo is a closer look at the famous siwash rock.

After we took the tandem bike back Jason and I walked to the Science Museum (not worth it) and once the rain came thundering down we caught the sea bus back (via granville island).

We decided that this quote was absolutely classic and given the weather that we had experienced in vancouver... totally relevant!!

Ths next photo is from an entirely different day but one that I really like. Its taken outside the Vancouver Library (a totally awesome building that offers free internet.... yay).

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