Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Makara is always a good spot for taking photos... it can be so bleak out there or on nice days, it is just stunning.

I was using the Makara landscape to practice panorama shots for stiching together in photoshop. I also took what I though was a perfect wildlife shot. There I was with a 300mm zoom lens focusing on some seagulls. I was so excited about getting a great shot (below) that I didn't realise till afterwards that they weren't real birds... doh...

Just a different atmospheric shot out at Makara:

An older couple heading out in their rowboat.

A surfer heading out. It wasn't great surf that day, pretty churny and messy, but surfers seem to head out in anything.

Pretty self explanatory... a shed and boat.

Some practice panorama shots out at Makara.

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