Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Triathlon Nationals

After 9 not so ideal weeks (sickness, injury, motivational issues and the highly stressful swim) I was really worried about nationals this year. Gone was the goal of winning. This was replaced with the goals of:
  1. Completing the race.
  2. Enjoying the race; and
  3. Qualifying for the World Champs.

In the few days leading up to the race you could say that I was pretty emotional. I really did not want to race. Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like to do things underprepared and this is exactly what I had to do. Race nationals on about 70 - 75% fitness. After a good chat to Vicki Jones ( 2 * World Ironman Age Group Champion) I pulled myself together. Relaxed with half a bottle of wine two nights out and accepted that I wasn't going to have the race of all races.

Race day dawned and what a surprise... the wind was blowing an absolute gale!!!! I wasn't to worried about this as we train in this all the time and I know that these sorts of conditions suit me.

The race organisers decided to change the swim course so we started at Queens Wharf instead of in from of Chaffers Marina. I started well, but too far to the right so I ended up being blown well off course. Given that I still had a good swim and came off in an ok position. I estimate losing at least 30 seconds with my bad navigation and decision to start where I did on the course.

Here I am leaving the water on the way to the bikes:

I came out of the swim in about 12th position and had made it up to 7th position overall with a speedy transition. On the bike I passed a few girls but STINK I got passed by the eventual winner. I do NOT like to be passed on the bike by boys... let alone girls!!!! Grrr..... not happy with that at all!!!

Anyway I had an ok bike given my preparation and I had cycled my way into third position off the bike. This meant that I had the TV cameras on me during my transition, but even so I had a great transition and was on the run course before I knew it....

Hmmm the run.... I was not particularly happy with my run at all. I was passed by one girl and I never got a good rhythm... so instead of trying to really push it I decided to really enjoy it for what it was... so I played it up to the crowd more than I usually would, and I tell you it really helped. I actually finished the race with a big smile on may face despite only finishing 4th overall and 3rd in my age group.

So all in all I achieved my goals... I finished, enjoyed the race and qualified for the Worlds. Wnjoying this race was really important to me as I don't know whether I would have been able to continue training for Worlds if I didn't enjoy the race. Another episode in the ups and downs of being a triathlete.

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