Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter weekend and retaining walls...

Jason and his Dad were VERY busy on Easter weekend building a new retaining wall at our house.

This is them digging the first of the post holes.... very hot work (and tiring).

The post holes on the last stretch of path:

More digging:

The first section of wall to go up (n.b. the posts still need trimming). Its starting to look GREAT:

The finished product (apart form the posts that STILL need trimming):

The wall on the corner... there was way too much rock to dig through so we kept some of it. I think it looks great:

Finished path retainign wall from other angle, now we just need to sort out the garden:

Jason had a budget of $2000 and this is how he spent it:

Lights: 256.65
Hirepool (post hole digger and smasher): 90.11
Wood, hammer, nails and concrete: 1114.95
Compost etc: 76.67
Drill: 56.83
Extra Food (takeaways, groceries and beer): 126.25
TOTAL $1721.46

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