Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Multiple rescues...

So just 9 weeks till the World Championships and 5 weeks until the Rarotongan triathlon... eeekkkk it just doesn't seem like long enough at times. Especailly after the last few days. I really felt like the gods have been against me recently with lots of little things disturbing training.

Thursday last week: sustained a grade 1 minor tear in my calf so had to miss my key run from last week (the good news is by missing that run my calf healed within a few days and now I can continue as per normal)

Friday last week: went for a lunchtime ride (1 hr 45), took one spare tube and got 2 flats! 25km from work and no one to rescue me. I tried to call Jason 5 times but he was in a meeting and then his workmates thought it was funny to hide his phone in the fridge. Hmmmmmmm. Anyway, after walking along the motorway in bare feet for over an hour a kind fellow cyclist took pity on me and gave me a lift into town... just as I was starting to cry! It makes you realise how vulnerable you are sometimes. I missed one and a half of my intervals...

Saturday last week: another flat tyre saga... so when it all happened again (almost in the same spot as Friday) I threw my bike onto the side of the road in frustration... just as a fellow triathlete drove past... he stopped and lent me his WHOLE BACK WHEEL!! So two rescues down! But at least I could finish this ride. Anyway I finally got home.... and must have had a slow leak in Scott's wheel as that went flat in the last 5 minutes of my ride. Is someone telling me not to ride???

Monday this week: So I had no more spares and I didn't have time to make it to the shop so I (stupidly) decided to risk my 1 hr 45 min ride with no spares!!!! What a dork... and what do you know at Haywards (again for the THIRD time) I got another flat. So this time Jason was home and had to come and pick me up. SO I missed my intervals again.

Well anyway I have learnt my lesson and I have 3 spare tubes, my hand pump, tyre levers and CO2 cannisters for tonight's ride. I do not need anymore interruptions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Jason had the floods of tears last night.... my key comments was "I only have 60 days to go and I can't even finish a single session"...

So i am hoping that 3 rescues is all I need and now back to solid training!!!!

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