Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ahoy me hearties...walk the plank... it's a very special boy's third birthday!

 Ethan recently turned three and we put on a pirate party for him. We weren't going to have a party this year but he asked for one, and being a soft touch I said yes!!
Jason and I took the Friday off work to get ready for the party and we made this cake for him!
 Here is some of the party food for the day! The jelly in oranges was a big hit and I am pleased that I made the effort to do it for the kids!
 It had been raining all week and a big storm was scheduled for Ethan's party day. But we borrowed a gazebo style tent and put it up in the patio to extend our under cover area for the kids to play.... as it happened, the two hours of Ethan's party provided the best weather of the whole day. We even got sunshine!

We had a few activities set up for the kids... a plank to walk, with treasure near the end as a prize and colouring in stations. The trampoline provided the most fun though!
 It was good to see people getting into the spirit of the party!!!
 Ethan had a ball... most of all he loved playing with his best friend Tommy on the trampoline!! (Thanks Grandma for the photos).
 Here is Tommy and Ethan enjoying the jelly!
All in all we had a wonderful party and Ethan and his friends had a ball!

A special thanks to Grandma, Grandad, Sandy and Nathan for help on the day and a very special thanks to everyone who made the day so special for Ethan.

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Josie Lewis said...

Looks like a great party Jac. Its such an effort sometimes isn't it!