Sunday, May 18, 2014

A new addition to the family is on the way!

Jason and I are really excited to announce that sometime in November we will be welcoming another little baby into our home!

Like last time pregnancy for me means extreme tiredness and significant nausea. Which is made all the more difficult with a toddler... no more 4 hour nana naps each weekend day and sometimes I feel that I am barely functioning. But this eased at 16 weeks with Ethan so I am hoping it will this pregnancy as well!

It's been a tough road this pregnancy, at my dating scan they found a cyst on my ovary. As you can see from the dimensions in the scan below it is quite big (nearly 9cm by 7cm by 8cm). There was discussion of having this removed at 16 weeks pregnant but we are going to try and hold on and get it removed at 6 weeks post partum.
Then at around 9 - 10 weeks pregnant I was knocked off my bike, luckily the baby was ok and it was the cyst that took the brunt of the impact... there was a concern about rupture but all was ok.

However last week we had our choromosomal testing scan and while my risk factors are slightly higher than last time, mostly due to maternal age, we are still classified as low risk.

Here are some shots from the ultrasound!
 The next three shots are 3D and look pretty cool I think!

We haven't told Ethan yet as 9 months is a long time for us to wait, it would be an eternity for a toddler to wait. We will probably tell him after the 20 week scan (or even later if we can).

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Meghan M said...

So cool for you guys - congrats. Hope that you start to feel a lot more human again soon. I'm so relieved for you that the knock off the bike wasn't worse and prayers that that cyst behaves itself till after bubs arrives xx