Thursday, May 8, 2014

A day in Freo - Ferris Wheels, Pirate Ships and Little Creatures!

Now that we live in Joondanna we very rarely get to Fremantle. However when I saw there was a replica tall ship of the Duyfken (the first European ship to reach Australia) holding an open day with a pirate theme I thought we really needed to make the trip down!

It was a beautiful clear day in Fremantle and we were pleasantly surprised to find a Ferris Wheel in the park. We had 20 minutes to kill before the Pirate Ship opened so we decided to take a ride!
 Ethan really enjoyed the ride! He was fascinated with the views.
 Its always interesting looking at a place from a different angle!
 As you can see Ethan enjoyed the Ferris Wheel!
 Then it was time for the Pirate Ship! Ethan was very excited about this (as were we).
 Entry was a gold coin donation (or treasure).
 Its hard to believe how people survived many months at sea in the cramped spaces.
 It was great to see how they lived back in the 1600s.
 Ethan had a ball playing and would have stayed on the ship forever (but lunch was calling).
 As it happened we were right next to Little Creatures brewery which has a great kids playground! As we arrived before 12pm we scored a table right beside the kids sandpit so Jason and I were able to enjoy some downtime while Ethan played and we all waited for our food! A win win all around!
 Cheers everyone!
All in all it was a lovely outing to Freo! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

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