Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bush walk on a lovely winter's day!

Last weekend Ethan declared that he wanted to go on a bush walk! It was a lovely sunny (albeit cool) winter's morning so we were packed in the car and out of the house within 15 minutes of Ethan's request!

We decided to go to Bold Park near City Beach and started with the short board walk to the top lookout. As you can see Ethan was rearing to go! 

Come on Dad and Mum, Come on!!!
Halfway up the Boardwalk you get to see the city off in the distance! A great site!
We were really lucky to spot an eagle circling around above us! Ethan needed my sunglasses to spot him though as it was a lovely bright sunny day!
Ethan and his Daddy spotted Rottnest Island - it was so clear we could see the island easily (20km off shore). There were also lots and lots of boats out for Ethan to see.

A funny story of the morning came as Jason was looking intently out to see and said "the whale migration has started" I naturally assumed that he had seem something out in the water so I said "how do you know". I was expecting him to reply along the lines off "see the movement out there in the water"... but no.... his real answer was "I saw it on the news"!!!!

It was one of those lovely winter's mornings... cold and clear in the morning and really warm in the sun!
After the boardwalk we walked into Bold Park and did the bush walk that Ethan was after. We explored the tress and leaves around us and a great time!

Here is Jason at another lookout!
Ethan liked experimenting with his foot prints in the sand! Contrary to what it looks like with Ethan and his hood on, it wasn't actually cold at this stage! He just likes wearing his hood!
Ethan the lumberjack found a piece of wood which he promptly threw off the edge! I was waiting for him to go flying with the piece of wood hahahaha!
After 40 or so minutes we wandered back to the carpark, Ethan decided to check out where we went on the map.
As soon as we finished this adventure Ethan said "can we do another adventure mummy and daddy".

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