Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wet and windy in Perth

Last weekend it was wet and windy in Perth so as we were stuck inside for much of the weekend we needed to come up with some fun indoor activities! We started with guess the animal.... Here we have an elephant, a gorilla and a Koala in a tree! 
 What I really enjoyed about this game was that Ethan didn't just copy what animals we had done, he came up with lots of his own!

Later in the day it was time to draw on the board. Clockwise from top left we did a family portrait, Jason drew Grandad and Ethan drew Grandma, then we all did a self portrait (check out the mullet I gave myself) and on the bottom left was the original family portrait in action!

 Sunday was still raining and Ethan asked to go on a rock adventure... so we dressed in our raincoats and wellies and went to Naturescape at Kings Park.

There were rocks everywhere.... which satisfied Ethan's request for a rock adventure!

It was wet but we didn't get rained on! Yay!
Ethan loved playing in the water with his Dad, building dams, climbing rocks, pretend fishing.... you name it!

Ethan was so confident over the rocks! I was really impressed! Here he is with his "fishing rod"
Ethan likes to push the boundaries! I asked him not to go too deep but.....
Unfortunately that warning went unheeded! Lots of water in the gumboots (lucky we had spare clothes in the car).
The orange mould on the logs was really interesting! Unfortunately I didn't have time (or the right camera equipment) for great shots as Jason and Ethan were itching to get up the tower!
My brave wee boy made it all the way up the tower on his own, with close supervision on the way back down from dad!
Here is the view from the top!
So all in all a great outing! On the way home we stopped for hot chocolate, coffee and strawberry milkshakes and to pick up some paint for the afternoon!

During the afternoon we made some paintings, which we cut into butterflies when they dried!
An enjoyable weekend was had by all, but we would like a little more sun next weekend thank you!!

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