Sunday, January 19, 2014

What to do when its 44 degrees?

Last weekend the temperatures soared to 44 degrees on Saturday and 41 on Sunday. Generally we spend quite a lot of the 40+ degree days inside as it is simply too hot outside. 

On the Saturday it was already 32 degrees by 8am so Ethan and I went to the water park while Jason went to his swim training.Its a great way to cool down and have a good run round at the same time! 
On Sunday Jason had a sea swim planned so Ethan and I decided to join in at the beach.... the overnight low was 29.7 degrees!!!!!! So by the time we got to the beach (at 7.20am) it was already 36 degrees and climbing!!!!
 When it topped 41 degrees at 8.30am Ethan and I decided to have raspberry slushie for breakfast!
 A cool change came through around 10am and dropped the temperatures to a balmy 36/37 degrees for the rest of the day!

On the really hot weekends we tend to spend the early mornings and late afternoons/early evenings out and about and then the middle of the day inside.... however we all sometimes get cabin fever so last weekend we took Ethan to junior hoyts. It was a "movie" for kids. It was an hour long and just Thomas the tank Engine TV episodes. An hour was just about right for Ethan.... any longer and he would have been running up and down the aisles terrorising the other patrons!

Ethan did enjoy the popcorn that he shared with his dad!

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Josie Lewis said...

I cant even contemplate how you deal with that heat!!