Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a hard task trying to get a good photo of a toddler!

 Ethan takes after his Mama in that he is not that keen to have his photo taken... often I am snapping very quickly in the vain hope that I will get a good shot...

I really wanted to get a photo of Ethan in this t-shirt as it really suits his colouring.... but as with all toddlers Ethan has his moments and he has taken a dislike to anything that doesn't have a dinosaur on it.... so this wasn't my day to get a good photo (no matter how hard I tried)!

 Then a few weeks ago we were at the river and the lighting was amazing, so I tried to get a couple of Ethan again! This time he wouldn't directly look at the camera, but the results were very playful and cute!!
The day Ethan got his Christmas present from his Great Grandad it came close to getting a good photo of Ethan... but if he was looking straight at the camera he wouldn't smile, then he decided to not look at the camera at all (back to his old tricks)... then when he looked at the camera he did a cheesy smile, and finally all he really wanted to do was play with his new bird, so all the rest of the photos were out of focus!!!
I can very rarely get Ethan to smile at the camera however, at least this time, Ethan stood still and let me take a photo!
So there you have it.... my not so successful attempts at getting Ethan on camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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