Monday, January 6, 2014

Leighton Beach Open water Sea Swim Race

Late last year Jason decided to re-ignite his swimming career and swim to Rottnest Island (an Island around 18km off the WA coast). Its not a massive Island, around 20 square km. Rottnest is a popular holiday destination for WA locals, but unfortunately it is a little run down and very over priced (in my opinion).

As part of his training for the Rottnest swim, Jason raced the Leighton Beach Open Water Sea Swim Race (5km).

We woke up nice and early on Sunday morning for the race and were expecting a nice, fine, clear day. Unfortunately there were fires down south and the whole city was blanketed in smoke! Not great exercising conditions.

Here we are at the beach all ready to go for the race. It was a little chilly at 6am (hence the polar fleece), but it soon warmed up. We were planning on being at the beach for 2.5 - 3 hours so I had lots of things to keep Ethan entertained - diggers, activity books, lots of food, bucket and spade and his togs.
Here's Ethan watching his Daddy head off for the swim start. 
Despite the smoke haze we got some nice (albeit only iPhone) photos.
Around 10 minutes before I expected Jason in, I changed Ethan into his togs for a frolick in the water so that we could keep an eye out for Jason!

1 hour 17 mins later Jason emerged! A 10 minute improvement on his 5km time from 6 weeks earlier! It shows the training has been working!
Just 6 weeks to the Rottnest Channel swim now!

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