Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethan's new bed...

This post is about Ethan's big boy bed... but first a trip down memory lane.

So when Ethan was a baby he had a little Moses basket to sleep in.... he grew out of that in about 6 weeks...
 After that he went into his cot, at first he seemed so small in the cot but as he grew, and grew, and grew we were quickly realising we would need a bed before long.
We started with converting his cot into a toddler bed, but about a month ago we realised he was just too tall for his cot converted into a toddler bed for much longer.... so we thought the moses basket may come in handy again...Here Ethan is trying that out for size!
 So a couple of weeks in a row we went bed shopping for Ethan (hoping to capitalise on the January sales). Jason was dead keen on a bunk bed but I was a little worried about Ethan falling out.... we searched a number of stores and finally came across a low line bunk bed.... which was perfect for our needs! Not too far to fall at all!
Ethan and his plethora of stuffed animals are really enjoying his new bed! At first I was worried that Ethan may want to sleep on the top bunk, but we managed to get around that be saying the George Pig (Peppa's younger brother and dinosaur aficionado) slept in the bottom bunk. After that Ethan was happy with the bottom bunk!

I am somewhat glad that we have a low to the ground bed though as this is what I spotted one morning on the monitor (no idea how much of the night Ethan had been on the floor!).

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