Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our week in iPhone snaps!

We don't always carry the big camera and lens around (its just too heavy) but we almost always have our iPhones with us. Sometimes we take more photos with the iPhones than our nice expensive camera! They aren't always the clearest or best quality but it sometimes mean you capture those spur of the moment photos!

So on that note, I have decided to dedicate this post to the most recent week's iPhone snaps!

Ethan and Mummy enjoying a cuddle and an after daycare snack, sitting on the kitchen floor!

Ethan modelling his new elephant t-shirt from Melbourne

Ethan and Monkey enjoying a little bit of Madagascar 3 on the iPad

Ethan's infected ingrown toenail (on antibiotics for this!)

Ethan getting very excited over his big boy bed!

The aftermath of Jason accidentally cutting through a power cord (while plugged in) when slicing his bread. Thank goodness for (1)  compulsory RCDs, (2) Jason wearing rubber jandals, (3) the knife being very sharp and actually having an insulating handle! But most of all, thank goodness for no harm to anyone after this accident!

Ethan and mummy truck racing at 6.30am, in the heat of the day already, before daycare!

Ethan helping Daddy wash the car!

So that was this week in iPhone snaps! I wonder what next week will bring for us!

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Widge said...

Oh scary about the cable! Check out that knife!!!
Glad no one was injured!