Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas - through the eyes of others

 We were lucky enough to have Jason's family stay with us over the Christmas break (while experiencing an 11 day heat wave - with temperatures ranging from 37.5 to 42 degrees!).

I didn't really get my camera out at all so this photo blog is through the "eyes" of our guests!

In no particular order:
Ethan spending many hours on his Grandad's lap!

A few shots of Ethan over the break. How grown up is he looking now!

Ethan and his Grandad playing in the sandpit.

Some of the local wildlife.

More of the local wildlife (and the first snake that either Jason or I have seen in WA )

Ethan and his Gran "mowing the lawns".

Ethan taking some "time out" with Madagascar 3 on the iPad, eating apple sauce and gingerbread men.

Truck racing with Dad!

Who can spot where Ethan got his hair from!

Just fixing my mower!

Water fun!

Ohhhhhh - love you Aunty Mel.

Time for some body surfing!


Helping Dad and Grandad put the new shade sail up.

Me and my Dad!

Ohhhh my new drink bottle!

Looks like a present bomb hit this lounge!

Hurry up Mum, you are too slow opening these presents.

Xmas morning brunch at the beach.

Family at the beach on Xmas morning.

Matilda Bay!

Last night sunset!

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