Sunday, January 6, 2013

The very (and worst) best of 2012!

So another year has passed and it is time to reflect on 2012. 2012 was all about adjustments and constant changes for us! The biggest experiences we faced were Ethan going to daycare, buying a house and both Jason and I starting new jobs! All high stress events but all very exciting nonetheless! Hands down, the hardest part of 2012 was Ethan's sleep study. We were lucky to see family a number of times last year, but with that came the stress of cross-country and trans-tasman travel! So without further ado here's a quick look the very best (and worst) of 2012!


  • Ethan learned to crawl! We quickly learned that our lives would never be the same again!
  • I started my running comeback with 2 trail races!


  • Ethan and I travelled over to Queensland to visit my family!


  • We celebrated Jason's birthday (with Jason's parents in Perth)
  • Ethan started daycare
  • I went back to work (at a new place of work)
  • Ethan started walking with his walker and could stand unassisted
  • I had my wisdom teeth out
  • Jason played in his team's water polo grand final


  • We bought a house!!!
  • Ethan suffered lots of illness - croup, bronchiolitis, ear infections, gastro... you name it - he got it (almost)


  • We moved into our new house
  • We celebrated Ethan's first birthday (with Jason's parents and older sister in Perth)
  • Ethan started walking
  • I got to celebrate my very first Mother's Day!
  • Ethan had more ear infections, colds, croup etc!


  • June was a very quiet month... no major milestones or activities! Although Ethan was still unwell for a lot of this time!


  • I had my first overnight away from Ethan when I attended a work conference over East.
  • I started running again properly (i.e. with a running coach!)
  • Ethan was still unwell... I lost count of how many ear infections he had by now.


  • Jason travelled to NZ to help celebrate his Grandad's 90th birthday
  • We travelled over East for a family wedding
  • We all met Ethan's cousin Mack for the first time
  • Ethan had his first haircut


  • Jason got to celebrate his second father's day
  • Ethan and Jason got a bike to ride together!


  • We saw the surgeon for the first time in the hope that we could get some answers for Ethan's health issues.
  • Jason finished working for Yambay (after 4 years service)


  • Jason started a new job!
  • We had Ethan's sleep study.... not an experience I wish to revisit any time soon!
  • We celebrated my birthday
  • Ethan decided he really did not like Santa... AT ALL!


  • We had a weekend away in Dwellingup
  • After 17 odd weeks of training I had to pull out of my goal race due to a knee injury
  • We got to celebrate Christmas with all of Jason's immediate family.

So there you have it... a snapshot of 2012! Now to look forward to 2013!!!

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