Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our last week in pictures...sunsets, macros and water polo

So over the last week or so I have been renewing my interest in taking photos again. I had a wee setback once my camera was stolen but we managed to replace it with a better lens and the same body from the insurance.

I was so disappointed when my camera was stolen, I felt lost for a few weeks. The new camera set up has taken a bit to get used to as the lens is much heavier than before.

On Christmas Eve Jason and I had a lovely walk down at our local beach. It was a nice balmy 25 degrees and the sun was setting. In Perth you have to be in the right place at the right time to get any of the sunset as it just goes down SOOOOO quickly. So if the sun is setting when we leave the house we will be too late to get there for photos (and its less than a 2 km drive!).

But this time we made it. We got to the beach and funnily enough I was going to leave the camera in the car, but just that very day I had been reading a photography magazine in the shop (yes I know its bad not to buy but it was $18.95). In the magazine it said that you have to get into the habit of taking your camera with you at all times... and its true. I would have missed these three wicked pictures otherwise.

This is the sun setting over the Groyne at Cottesloe Beach with the fisherman off the end. It took a few adjustments to get the lighting sorted though...
I do need to learn how to photo shop my photos so that I can make the horizon a horizontal line, instead of having the ship head "uphill".
This next shot is perhaps my favourite shot of recent times. I am so pleased with it and it is not a close up of a flower which is what I had concentrated on in my first 5,000 photos. This is now printed (on my new birthday photo printer) and framed on our wall.
On Christmas day I spent a bit of time trying to master the macro lens.... it is HARD. So, so hard. No wonder not many people get into it. Here is a couple of shots for you. This is one of my new Christmas earrings.
A dying hibiscus.... as you can see I still have focusing issues with this one. But I will get better with practice!
Check out how clear this is of the spider web on the succulent....I can't wait to try and get some insect macro shots.
This is the pot that my succulent plant (from Melanie Xmas 2008) is in.
I did do a macro shot of my scabby knee after the fall in the trail race a week ago to see how it came out.... but it was too gross to post. I did get a shot of Jason's eye though. It was hard to not blur it as he moved each time... its wicked to play with the new gear and as I get better I'll keep posting photos...On 30 December Jason and I had tickets to go and watch the bronze medal playoff and the final of the Tom Hoad International Water Polo competition at Jason's water polo club. There were hundreds of spectators and it was heaps of fun.

This is the Hungarian team warming up before the match. Some of the men in this team were so tall that they could stand on the bottom of the pool (2m) and there heads and sometimes shoulders were out of the water!!!!!

The goalie stopped this shot... even with his eyes closed.

And this one.... with his eyes closed again :-)
Check out what this guy can do with his shoulder!!!!
This is the Hungarian team against the Chinese national team in the bronze medal match. The Hungarians won in the end. The poor Chinese man looks like he is nearly being drowned here...
This is the Chinese winning the charge start.
And this is about the only shot I got of the final match... between the Fremantle Marriners and the Barbarians team (which had three Croatian national team members in it).
So there you have it, my week in pictures. Its New Years Eve right now and I am heading into town to run a running race tonight. Although I have had a BIG run today already. The West Australian Marathon Club has a 4km and an 8km race every New Years Eve. I am only doing the short race as I did hill repeats this morning... and it will be a slow race at that!!!

My next post will be from 2010.... enjoy the rest of 2009 (or should I say Happy New Years to my NZ readers as it is nearly midnight NZ time as I finish writing this)...

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