Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas a la Perth style...

Christmas for 2009 went like this... firstly, it started warm and its was just got warmer:

Dec 25
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny: 35
Dec 26
Sunny: 33
Dec 27
Sunny: 33
Dec 28
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny: 40
Dec 29
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny: 40

A whole heap different to New Zealand Christmases. Jason and I started Christmas Day at around 5am (as it was a Friday and we are usually up for swimming at that time). We opened our presents and we were lucky to get lots of goodies...

Graphics card
Gaming keyboard
Assassins Creed
Two t-shirts
Two books
Two DVDs
Bottle of bourban
Coffee grinder (and some coffee beans)

New togs
A new book
A new top, singlet and fancy nightgown
2 glassons cardis
New sunglasses

After presents Jason had a special treat breakfast of corn fritters and bacon.

Around 9.30 Jason and I went off to City Beach and joined Geoff and his family for a bit of morning beach fun. It was great fun and a lovely day. A much better experience than last year's trip to the beach when we were truly orphans.

After the beach it was time for our Christmas lunch. We don't have a dining room table in Perth so had to do lunch Japanese style. On the low table sitting on cushions.

Our Christmas day menu started with some snacks and Moscow Mules (perhaps a few too many Moscow Mules in hindsight)...
Our lunch menu was rolled pork loin stuffed with rocket, pistachio and feta, apple sauce and gravy, the worlds best roast potatoes, balsamic glazed carrots, roast baby beets, asparagus and corn.... mmmmm. It was perhaps a bit much for the two of us though.
About 4 hours later we decided to have our dessert tasting plate. Just a mixture of all sort of yummy desserts for us. But again, it was a bit too much for us!!! No dinner needed on Christmas Day.
Boxing Day started with a little run (just to try and shake off some of the Christmas Day excess). We then headed off to Richard's house for a pool party... and what a party it was. We had lots of fun in the pool and sun. We stayed the night and were treated to a great BBQ breakfast the following day.

So that was Christmas in Perth for 2009.

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