Sunday, December 13, 2009

My rowing career...

So sorry for the long delay in posting. It has been a horrible busy month at work. Anyway during November while I was on a break from Triathlon I joined the work rowing team for the corporate rowing challenge.

This involved 2 teams of 4, with 8 training sessions and then the race. Our two teams were based around teams at work so there was a friendly rivalry between us as well.

Well I found out that I wasn't particularly coordinated at all during the first few sessions... there is so much to remember with rowing. But by about session 6 I was finally getting the hang of it.

After our 4 weeks of training we got to race out at Champion Lakes (mam made, purpose built rowing, dragon boating and kayaking course in Perth). Apparently it cost $34 mill to build and is one of just two purpose built courses in Australia. It also hosts cycling, triathlon and open water swimming events.

We arrived nice and early, about 7am (which meant leaving home at 6.15am). The regatta consisted of 1 heat per team with your time in the heats dictating what final your crew made (A - F finals).

The first IMO crew was up in the first race and won by a long way. We raced the third heat and it was a close race between 3 of the 4 teams. We eventually took it out and were 0.02 of a second faster than the other IMO crew. This was great as it meant that there was a high probability that we would make the same final.

Meanwhile, Jason was enjoying the bar that the East Fremantle Rowing Club were manning (it was the only way to get him there hahaha).

After about 3 hours we got to race the final and the exciting news was that both IMO crews made the A grade final. Our coach was very pleased.

The weather had turned during the morning and instead of the beautiful flat calm waters we were faced with a lot of chop. Our crew drew an older training boat which we were pleased with as it was more stable than some of the racing boats.

The race start was non eventful for us, but the other IMO crew got caught up with another boat going the wrong way. Unfortunately they didn't make it back from that! We managed to get 4th overall, about a boat length from third place.

All in all a fun day and a different experience. Check out the video from our heat (we are the team in black and white singlets and I am at the front of the boat- its a little hard to see but you get the picture)...

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