Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello all, this is my first blog of 2010. I hope you all had a great New years and 2010 has started well for you.

I saw 2009 out with one final race. The local marathon club has a New Years Eve race every year and this one was fun. There was a choice of a 4km or and 8km option. I chose the shorter race as I had already run 15km of hill reps that morning. I am happy to say that I was beaten by some 12 year old kids! But still had a good outing nevertheless.

The entry fee of $15 gets you the race, two alcoholic drinks, fruit, muffins and a bbq! Not bad really.

After the race we headed to a friends place for a few drinks to see the New Year in. Its probably the first New Years in a while that I have made it past midnight which is a miracle in itself.

2010 has started just as busy for us as 2009 left off. I am in training for a 60km ultra marathon (was 55km but the re-measured it and its actually 60!). Unfortunately we are short staffed at work so I am working really long hours at the moment.

Jason is seriously contemplating doing the half ironman again which is great. So we are both getting fit and strong.

I will end up running 120km this week which is mammoth but I am feeling awesome for it (albeit hungry).

Not much more to post today. Take care till next time.

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