Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick update from Perth

Hi there,

Well since I last wrote it seems like we haven't done anything worth reporting on but when I look back we have had a hugely busy January. January for me has been a month of teaching my body to run ultra marathon style. This means 100+km of running each week. With last week being my maximum to date at 132km!

I am training for 59.8km running race and i tell you what, its amazing what our bodies let us do. Every day I wake up thinking that I won't be able to run another step, but then I add more to what I did the week before. A 20 km run seems short and normal now and anything less seems like a dawdle! I even did my first ever marathon last Sunday after a 90km training week. So it is all going well.

I have so much work on at the moment though so it is a constant battle between trying to egt through my work and do my training and still have a life! Hopefully works quietens down somewhat soon!

As a consequence of all this work I am already counting down the days till our NZ holiday and am looking forward to the break! Bring it on!

Jason on the other hand has had a slightly less hectic month and is forever supporting me through the busy days. He has decided not to do the Half Ironman again this year, partly to do with the fact that we have three weekends in NZ when training will not be easy for him to do.

Jason and I are support kayaking for the Rottnest Island Swim in a couple of weekends time which will be interesting to do. I haven't been in a boat for a while so 6 hours of it may play havoc on the hop flexors! and fingers crossed for a day less than 40 degrees!!!

That's about all from us... in the next week or two we have the Rottnest Sim, we will be going to Avatar, I have a surprise for Jason's birthday on the weekend of 7 March, which I can't tell you about as he will read this and we will be preparing for the trip to NZ. In this 6 weeks I need to average at least 130 - 140 km of running a week and I have two work trips to Melbourne!!!

Take care and I will post again soon.

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