Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Married 5 Years!

On Saturday last weekend Jason and I celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary. Unfortunately for us it coincided with a very big training weekend for me (about 6 hours both Saturday and Sunday) so there really wasn't much opportunity to have a major celebration.

Given the major training weekend and the short lead time until the World Championships on the Gold Coast Jason and I decided to leave the festivities until after both World Champs races, when we can really have a proper break away. So this year's anniversary treat is on hold until late October/early November.

Anyway, anniversary weekend I woke up on the Saturday morning and I was feeling pretty fatigued, I wasn't sure how I would get through my training. Sometimes it is just really tough to get out there and do the hard yards on your own. Well this was one of those days. It started with a bike ride which should have been easy enough but my power meter was not working properly. This really started playing on my mind- I really don't like it when my gear plays up and I don't know how to fix it. Well, given that I hadn't wanted to train to begin with the gear failure just made it so much harder.

I made it through the bike ride but I really was just going through the motions of training to be totally honest with you and myself. So off the bike and then I had a 60 min run with 4 * 2km hard run intervals. Given my fragile state of mind the run needed to start well. Hmmmm unfortunately I didn't hit my pace target within the first minute and I just gave up. It doesn't happen often but this day I didn't have anything in me to give. I drove home and as I got closer and closer to home the more mad I got at myself.

I got home and Jason could tell something was wrong so being the ever supportive and loving husband put on his running gear and off we went to do my run session.

Well poor Jason, the run pace was hot and its been months since he has done any running. He started each interval with me, and it was enough to get me going through the whole session. Jason's heart rate was up near 200 beats per minute and he said that he was near vomiting a few times. So after all my difficulties at the start of the day I got through the training and did it well. Sometimes we need a bit of a push to get going.

So Jason gave me a pretty good anniversary present this year :-) he paid for it later in the week as well, he could barely walk for 4 days or so!

Later that day both Jason and I were pretty tired so our 5th year anniversary dinner was pretty dismal to say the least- Jason had baked beans and bacon on toast and I had porridge, berries and yoghurt.

Watch this space for more info on the real wedding anniversary celebrations.

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