Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family time in Canberra

Hi there, well today's blog is going to be more pictures than words as it is dedicated to my family... Canberra was the first time that we had seen them since Christmas 2007.

These are my Dad's hard working hands, these hands have spent more hours working than rest. My younger brother is getting a tattoo done which is dedicated to my Dad's hands. His idea is if he ever feels hard done by he will look done on Dad's hands and he will remember that no matter what he won't ever have worked as hard as our Dad.

My beautiful Mum and Dad... I didn't get many photos of them at the wedding, but this one is great.
My older brother, Quentin in full wedding regalia. Looking the natural!!
My new sister in law- Jane.

My older sister Camille.My brother in law Mark (married to Tiffinee) and looking his finest with some lolly teeth in!!!
My beautiful little sister, always posing and ready for a stunning photo.

And my youngest brother, Tyson- who left New Zealand when he was about 12 ish so I still get a fright when I see how tall and grown up he is.Another shot of Tyson!
Me and Jason before the wedding.
Just me... its not often I get photos taken of me, but little Harri took this one so I thought I should put it up.
Jason at the adventure play ground in Canberra.
Dad, Harri and Jason at the War Memorial in Canberra.
Harri, Tiffinee and Mark's oldest son- now 6 years old.
Harri having some fun.

Me and Harri in a slide sequence (Dad in the background).... what fun we had.
Jason's turn on the slide...
Harri all dressed up for the wedding.
Camille and her beautiful daughter Summer Grace (4 years old- going on 20, she is so advanced for her age)
Harri and Summer. This is one of my favourite shots!!!
Summer... another one who knows when the camera is on her. She loves it!!!

Summer in her bridesmaid outfit.
And finally little Hudson, hmmm did I say little. Actually he is pretty solid! What a workout for my non Canoe Polo- triathlete arms!!!
Here's another one of Hudson.
Well I told you today's blog would be more pictures than text, but sometimes a picture really says it all.

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