Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big brothers wedding in Canberra

Sorry for the long hiatus between blogs, the time has been flying and I haven't been very diligent at all. I aim to do a few catch ups tonight to get us all back on track. Well over a month ago Jason and I headed off to Canberra for my big brother's wedding to be held at Duntroon (Aussie Royal Military College).

Canberra was much colder than Perth and it was a decent 5 hour flight for us to get there, but it was worth it, as I hadn't seen my family since Christmas 2007!!! Far too long. There was also a very important member of the Hayek family that I hadn't met either (more on the family stuff in the next blog- this one is devoted to the wedding weekend).

We arrived in Canberra on the Wednesday evening around 10.30 at night. Quentin and Jane (his bride to be) met us at the airport. We headed off to Jane's parents where we were staying with Mum and Dad.

Jane's whole family were great... so welcoming and they definitely made our stay seem just like home. Jane's mum makes the most divine garlic dip and stunning fruit bread!!!!

After a great reunion with the family it was off to sleep as I was heading to the pool at 6am for some training with Jane's mum- who is also a triathlete!!! The pool was beautiful- it was a novelty swimming in an indoor pool again and to be honest it was much faster than either of my training pools in Perth.

Thursday was a busy training day for me and a busy day of fun for Jason- as it was the bucks night. The bucks party started at midday with go kart racing (and beer), then the driving range (and beer), then a few beers at the Kingston (all NZ triathletes who competed in Canberra should remember this pub for the post race hijinks)... then dinner (and beer) at the Kingston. Around 9pm Jane and I picked up the Hayeks from the airport and I got to see my beloved nephews- Harri is so grown up now (6), and Hudson who I hadn't met before. We then dropped Mark off at the Kingston and let the boys go on the meery way.

Around 2.30 am I got a call from my little brother looking for Jason... the next call came at 3am and then finally at 3.30 am I got the taxi request. Luckily we had taken our GPS with us so I managed to get to the city centre ok... well when I got there I was treated to a very drunk brother in law... I had prepared for this by taking some old towels and a bucket in case as I didn't want the hire car to be spoilt.

Well the bucket was well used on the way home, and I swear it was pure alcohol coming out. It always seems to be this way- the latecomer getting in the worst shape as they try to catch up.

So I had my little brother, Jason and my brother in law but no sign of the groom... I was getting a little worried as the boys had confiscated his phone as well and had it with us. We managed to get Mark home and then I made Jason locate Quentin. Mission complete... nearly. Jason then decided he was hungry so we headed back into town for McDonalds.

Finally 4.55am and we were back in bed. Unfortunately this put my 6am training session in jeopardy. I woke up on Friday and felt like a bus had hit me... holdon- I wasn't meant to have a hangover.

I got my own back on Jason though, Harri was sent in to wake him up at around 10am hehehe.

Jason, Dad and I were in charge of looking after Harri while Mum, Tiff and cousin Rosie made the flowers. I had another trip to the airport to pick up the Tickelpenny branch of the family and then it was dinner for 40 at the local club.

Saturday morning and I managed to get another training session in and then we were off to the local hairdresser for some fancy up-dos. Money well spent as I don't really have hairstyling skills.

Sheesh- it sounds jam packed (and it was)... the next part of my day was about to begin. I met the boys (who had spent the morning playing golf) at the Hyatt to take the photos of their buildup. Well there was a lot of fun and they looked great in their kilts. Below (l - r) is Tyson (little brother), Mark (brother in law), Jason, Quentin (big brother), and Harri (nephew).

Here they are again, lloking awesome and behaving themselves.

Hmmm and then it went a little downhill. I didn't think that I would get away from boys in kilts not having some fun!!! It was hilarious and so much fun being involved with this side of the wedding. Definitely different to the hair, nails and make up with some discrete sparkling wine that usually happens on the girls side!!!
My big brother... it was so awesome to see him so happy!
The boys playing around... keep in mind that Quentin is about 100kg!!! (I think)
The boys, just hanging out.
This is one of my favourite photos of the day... pity about the cars in the background.
Again- great to see Quentin looking so happy and excited.
Looking out over Canberra (much better memories of this trip than what I experienced in 2006)
I have it on good knowledge that the canon was VERY cold!
Well, after an hour of fun it was time to head down to the chapel.

Here is my beautiful little sister Tiffinee with Mark and Harri.
And my totally awesome parents, Mary and Ken.
Beautiful neice Summer Grace (Camille's daughter), and flower girl.
And... here's Jane, the glowing bride!!
The bridesmaids.
Here are the girls heaidng into the church...
During the wedding ceremony...
Quentin and Jane during the ceremony. There were a few chuckles when the second reading started with "Where ever I am there's always poo(h)"... it took guests a while to realise it was a reading from Winnie the Pooh :-)
The Bride and Groom lighting their candle.
And signing the register.
The bagpiper, who piped Quentin and Jane out of the church.
The entire wedding party in front of the church.
My gorgeous sister Camille, Summer and Harri.
Jane looking stunning in between the kumquats.
The Bride and Groom...

Jane and her boys...
Quentin just hanging out in between the kumquats.
Yay! Happy couple!

Ohhhh check out the neice and nephew!!!

The whole wedding party.
Quentin and the girls.
Quentin and Jane having a quiet moment (taken with the 300mm zoom lens)...
After the photos it was off the the Royal Perth Golf Course for the reception and time for me to have a few hours off... Taking the photos was exhausting!!!

The dinner was great and then...Yummo... the cake. I think I had 5 pieces of the chocolate mud!!!!
Here we are... all the siblings, together for the first time in ages....
And finally, the cake cutting ceremony! With a massive sword!
Well at about midnight we were being kicked out (sheesh a late night for me on 2 diet cokes... hmmm I must have been the cheapest wedding guest- mind you I am sure Jason made up for it on his side, hehehe).

The next morning I headed off to the local gym for a spin class and a 60 min run off the bike and then it was BBQ time. 9kg of bacon, dozens of sausages, eggs and bread later everyone was feeling lots better.

Sunday evening was a treat of fish and chips (never as good as NZ "fush" and "chups" but still a good post wedding meal) and photo perusing.

Most the family left Sunday evening/Monday morning and Jason and I flew back on Monday night (over 6 hours due to bad weather).

All in all an awesome weekend!!!!

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