Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 km (well actually 5km) race and Araluen Botanic Park

This weekend just been I had a 10km race which didn't turn out so well. It was up North at Lake Joondalup (about Upper Hutt in NZ terms). It was my first chance to show how my running has been going. Well unfortunately it wasn't a very good show. I ended up just doing the 5km race as I really wasn't feeling all that flash! Hmmmm will it come together this season I ask myself. But that's life with training and racing. Some times are good, some times things are tough. But I have always said if it was easy anyone could do it and that toknow the good times, you have to go through the hard times. At least I still did a good 5km run on a tough undulating and windy course.

After the race Jason and I headed off to Araluen Botanic Park to check out the tulips, but there wasn't that many out unfortunately. We did have a good wander round though and as it has been really wet lately there was lots of water in the streams and it was really green and lush. So not what I would ever have thought I would see in Western Australia.

There was a cute little bridge and water fall. Good for practice photos with the water. This is probably the best one- check out the ray of sunlight coming through on the right of the picture!!!
The same bridge in colour. I reckon that this would be great for wedding photos.

It was really nice to get out of the city and into the open and peaceful outdoors. Especially as our flat is pretty noisy being on the main road and all. Its been a while since I haven't had a massive training day on a Sunday and it was great just hanging out with Jason and not having to worry about any training. Sometimes a good wander around a pretty garden is good for the soul I tell you.
The bridge at the park.
We were lucky enough to have just one garden of tulips out. Nice and yellow ones. Another cool thing was that the bees were so busy around them that we could practice taking some close ups of insects for the first time. I do wish that I had a macro lens though as the photoswould have been way better.

Check out the bees...

We call this one the tulip highway. With the busy worker bees coming and going.
Here's a close up on the bee...I love seeing the detail in the wings. These shots are pretty cool in higher resolution as well.

Well after the gardens we were both pretty tired (it was a 5am start for the running race) so we headed home for an afternoon of DVDs. Nice to relax and not have much to do. It was good to get out and try to put the race out of my mind for a few hours.

That's about all for this week. Till next time.

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