Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wednesday night date night

Last Wednesday night Jason and I went for a run after work, popped home for a shower (essential after running in 37 + degrees), grabbed a picnic and then headed off to the ballet at the Quarry Amphitheatre. The Quarry Amphitheatre is a magnificent open air venue which was created from an abandoned quarry at Reabold Hill (not far from City Beach). Reabold Hill itself is the highest natural point along the Coast (apparantly 90 - 100m high so not very high in Wellington terms at all). But once you get to the top, the park offers panoramic views across the City to the Darling Range. The quarry amphitheatre is an ideal setting for theatrical, musical and other events.

Reabold Hill was once known as one tree hill... hmm another thing that the Aussies claim as theirs (hehehe).

Here's a shot from the website (we weren't allowed cameras but I did take a few sneaky shots...):

Here's a shot as the crowds started piling in... I sneakily took a couple of photos. I didn't want us to get kicked out.
Jason showing just how excited he was about being at the ballet. Even the cheesecake and wine didn't soften him up :-)The ballet itself was part of the Perth International arts festival an unfortunately it was a little hit and miss, it was a series of 6 small sub shows, some were good, some bad, some weird and some I just didn't understand. But I guess that's what happens with dance? Right??

Unfortunately it cooled off a little during the evening and dew was falling on the stage and making it a little slippery for the dancers. You could see that they were very tentative and between each dance they were trying to dry the stage which was taking ages. So we had a bit of waiting around and seeing as we had been up at 4.45am for swimming it dragged out a bit.

The ballet was performed by the Western Australia Ballet company and the best show was the last of the evening... which was good finishing on a high note. It was inspired by the emotionally powerful music of Mozart's Requiem. The dance was very moving, as stated on the program - one man's contemplation of death, an ending yet also a beginning:
The rest of our week was pretty standard... a bit of swimming, a ride on the weekend, a spot of shopping and some long hours at work. We did have an experience on Saturday, the day started off with watching the start of the Rottnest Island swim (I will blog about this later this week). After this we went for a run and had then planned to go to Harbour Town (cheap clothes). I left the apartment to go to the mailbox on the way to the car and Jason assumed I had the car/house keys. But I didn't and we locked ourselves out of the house. Now we are on the third floor in an apartment building and there is no chance of Jason being able to climb up the outside of this building... although he did try.

It made us realise that we pretty much have no one to call on here at all (apart from the landlord)... while our unorganised landlord was searching for a spare key we were stuck outside in what ended up being a 40 degree day. We were hot, tired, dehydrated and not very happy at all... 3 hours later our landlord saved the day... hmmm not the best Saturday at all. After that experience, we treated ourselves to pizza by the river and gelato on the beach before heading home for a DVD night.

Thats all for now, we are now in our countdown for our NZ trip! Just two more work weeks (which includes a publc holiday -yay).

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