Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sand bar walk

On the weekend we found and put a deposit on a new TV as ours is getting pretty old now and I have been promising Jason a new TV for a while now. While we were at the shops I managed to find a really cute summer dress as well. Its been ages since we have been shopping so it was a nice treat to get something new. Jason decided that a bottle of bourban was just as much a treat so we were both happy.

You will remember from our Freshwater Bay posts that there is a sand bar out in the Swan River. After our shopping Jason and I decided to drive round the other side of the river (via Fremantle) and walk out on the sand bar. It is located at Point Walter and this is an awesome place for families. There are bbqs, trees to shelter under, shallow water for kids to play in, grass, sand, a wharf to jump off, a playground and lots of action on the Swan to observe (sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, the ferries, kayakers and swimmers).

Here is a panoramic view from halfway out the sandbar.
It was really hot the day we decided to do our walk (hmmm starting to sound a little repetitive I think) but there was some cloud cover which is not that regular an occurance.

Here is a shot of the sand bar from the car park. The tide was in a bit so our walk was through water for some of it. When the tide is out you can get right to the end without walking in water. It was not a problem walking through the water though as it was a very hot day and very unusally humid. We are generally pretty lucky in Perth to have low levels of humidity which makes the heat more bearable.

The sand was so hot, it was burning our feet. Jason didn't want to take his jandals (sorry thongs) off... and yes, Jason is wearing his togs... whoops, thats bathers/swimmers in Australian!!!!

I thought it was about time that I got on the other side of the camera for a change.
The water was SOOOOOOO clear and there were fish darting about everywhere, they were way too fast to capture but I did get some cool shots of jelly fish.

Jason checking out the tiger moth flying past... which I didn't get a shot of as I was taking photos of him hehehe
Had to do the signature shot, its been a while.
SO by the time we walked out and back and jason patiently waited while I took a number of shots of the jelly fish an hour had passed and we got reasonably sunburnt.

Jason sweats LOTS here... hes not crying in these shots, that sweat from walking... very slow walking as well.

We are getting used to the heat, me more than Jason I think and we are getting better habits around drinking replacement drinks more regularly. Apparantly February is usually the hottest month so we are loking forward to that :-). The hardest part is the hot overnight temperatures, sometimes it stays around 30 during the whole night. To combat this and to get good sleeps we have moved our bed into the lounge so we can take advantage of the air con.

Thats all from Perth. Till next time.

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