Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random sightseeing

A few weeks ago I decided that we needed to be doing more sightseeing so we headed off for the afternoon. Perhaps we should have stayed at home this time :-)

Our first stop was Lesmurdie Falls, if you do a google search on these falls some of the things that come up are "The spectacular Lesmurdie Falls is a must see!" and "The Lesmurdie Brook flows through the centre of the park and tumbles 50 metres over the sheer face of the Darling Scarp."

Hmmm spectacular and tumbles are not the words we would use, mind you we are used to NZ rivers and streams. So we got there and the first thing we tried to find was the water, it was like a Where's Wally cartoon.... very hard to spot.

Here is a shot of the "Falls" from the lookout... can you see any water?

Ohh there it is... just a trickle! Perhaps not the spectacular falls that we were expecting...
And considering it was 38 degrees that day Jason was not impressed with the 10 minute walk to the lookouts. Again... try and spot the tumbling Lesmurdie Brook in the shot below!
So after the Falls I didn't want to head home... I have this fascination with trying to make sure we are doing things all the time which is frustrating Jason. But I do want to make sure that we have fun and see lots of things. Fun is not the word Jason will use to describe this outing...

Our nest stop was Araluen Botanic Park. It was now nearing 40 degrees and no surprise but the park's parking lot was empty, not many other suckers were planning on walking round the gardens in this heat. But I was not to be deterred and off I strode... and poor Jason followed, trying to hide from the sun. We arrived at the front gate and Jason asked the lady if the $4 entry fee was worth it.... anyway to cut a long story short I figured (quite rightly) that Jason was not that keen so we pulled the plug on the gardens for this day trip.

But still we didn't head home... instead we decided to go and see one of WAs finest dams... hmmm coming from a hydro station dominated country with some great dams I should have known that a WA dam was not going to be that exciting. Especially as it didn't look like it had ever released any water what so ever!

What made the dam sightseeing even worse for us was that we parked (unknowingly) in the bottom car park and had a 35 min uphill walk to see this dam (self proclaimed as a modern engineering feat). I wasn't doing so bad in the heat but it really took it out of poor Jason. Here he is at the top. Check out the sweat just rolling off him:

Looking particularly impressed with our walk...yeah right...
He probably lots about 3kg in pure sweat this afternoon!
So out of three we have pretty much 3 misses on this trip. I didn't even take a photo of the dam is was that uninspiring! I asked Jason what he thought of the dam and this was his reaction, I think that it says it all really:

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