Monday, March 2, 2009

Pretty dresses and sunsets...

Today's blog isn't really about much :-)... just thought that I would show you my new dress and some more familiarisation on our local area that we live in so that you can envisage our new life here.

This is me (in my new dress) on our balcony at our apartment. The road behind me in the photo is Stirling Highway, its not a highway in the State Highway 1 sense, but it is a pretty busy road. The speed limit is only 60 kmh but it is the main road from Freo to Perth so it is very rare to hear no traffic. We are used to the traffic sounds but lets just say the next apartment/house won't be on a main road!
It was a lovely day this day (hot but with a cooling breeze) so we decided to go to the beach and get some more shots of our local hood for you all. This shot is taken on the groyne at Cottesloe Beach. Just above my head to the left is a tall ish building, that is at North Cottesloe Beach (which is the closest beach to our apartment). Cottesloe is more populated though and has shops, playgrounds, volleyball courts, and bigger car parks etc. Further north of both these beaches is Swanbourne and North Swanbourne (the latter is the local nudist beach).
Here is a better shot of my pretty new dress. It has layers of ruffles... not the usual dress that I would buy but in Aussie all the girls wear pretty girly dresses! I love it. I was walking into a local IGA wearing this dress and a lovely little old pensioner stopped me to tell me how beautiful my dress was (5 or 6 times)! It was so sweet!
Cottesloe beach also has 4 shelters like this set up permanently for people to shelter from the sun. The beach is usually jam packed but it was quite windy this day so it kept people away.
Later in the day I noticed the sky was starting to show some beautiful colours and since I haven't got any good sunset shots yet I made Jason race me down to the beach. When we first started the drive the sky was a mix of reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues... however by the time we made it to the beach (all of about 4 minutes) it was just into the red and orange stages.

So I didn't miss it all, I was taking photos from the car as we were driving down to the beach.
This is a pretty typical scene here in Perth. There are a number of ships waiting to head into Freo. It is a very busy port, you can see 7 ships in this shot!
It was such a magical evening, by this stage just a very light breeze, a balmy 26 degrees and a fabulous sunset. I am glad we managed to get down there!


Mike Taylor said...

Nice photo's jac! I'm putting my order in for the next blog to contain photos of what the inside of ur apartment looks like..
from Bloss :)

trishbee said...

Great pics Jacinda. Love the sunsets. Looking forward to seeing you when you come over :-)