Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last weekend Jason and I visited Fremantle (about 20 minutes from Perth). Fremantle is self titled as "a slice of the mediterranean on the edge of the indian ocean". Fremantle was the site of the America's Cup back in the 1980s sometime.

Fremantle is a real vibrant and eclectic city... where artists, hippies, business magnates, and sailors all rub shoulders. There are some amazing heritage buildings (reminding me a little ofEurope) and best of all it is a designated tourist area so shops are open 7 days!!!!

Fremantle is located on the mouth of the swan river and enjoys the benefit of the "Fremantle Doctor" which is a welcome afternoon breeze which comes in to cool everyone down on a hot day!

Some of the things to do in Fremantle are the WA Maritime MuseumFremantle PrisonFremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Cappuccino Strip and browsing through thehistoric Fremantle Markets.

Due to having nearly a month with out being paid Jason and I were still on a strict budget so we just did the free stuff... and plan to return to visit the museum and prison when we have some spare cash.

 Our first stop was the port... we had a special reason for visiting the port as our furniture is coming into Fremantle from Wellington (via Melbourne). We are so looking forward to our furniture arriving!!! Our boat is due in on 1 November and I joked about heading down to the port and watching it come in... but knowing the relocation company the 1 November date is probably at risk.

Next we just wandered around enjoying the water, beaches, sun and quaint surrounds. Here is a shot of the beach and the Fremantle Marina. It was a truly stunning day out there and we were really loving doing something a little different.

We wandered the streets and checked out some of the great clothes shops... I found heaps of things that I would really love to buy... its been so long since we had any spare money I can't even remember any treats for ages. 

We decided to check out the prison and see how much it cost to visit but it was about $24 each which is money we didn't have last weekend so we decided to leave that for another visit. I did however like the tree out the front...
After the prison we wandered through the markets... they were really good markets and we really enjoyed ourselves. I found some great things that I want to get for Christmas presents... we will definitely be heading back here. We did splurge a little and bought Jason some really good coffee! He has really appreciated it this last week as well. It was definitely worth the money.

The fruit and vegetables at the market were really lovely, we already had our food for the week but I must admit to trying a few of the free fruit samples... the mangos were DELECTABLE.

After the markets we were a little hungry so we had our big treat for the weekend... lunch out! Not a packed lunch, but actually sitting in a cafe... its been so long it seemed foreign hehehe but it sure was nice and well worth the $30 that we had put aside for the treat!

Walking through Fremantle we came across a beautiful bed and breakfast for sale (which I loved, and I know my mum would love the look of...) it was quaint, cute and european looking... 

Here is an example of some of the Fremantle archtecture... not a great photo and I couldn't help the sun spots on it... but it gives an idea.
After lunch Jason and I headed back to the train staion via the beach and I came across the most beautiful yellow flower that looked so vibrant against the blue sky. I took about 70 photos of this flower until I realised that Jason was bored as anything... hehehe I can get caught up in it all. I really couldn't pick just one of these flowers so I posted three!!

After the flowers we headed back to Perth on the train... all in all it was a great day! 

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