Sunday, October 5, 2008

From Pembroke rd to Perth

So Wednesday 1 October 2008 Jason and I had to tick the box on our customs declaration form that asked if we were permamently migrating to Australia! It really hit home what we were doing then!

A quick recap of our journey for you all. About 6-7 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon I spotted a job ad in the World section of the Dom Post newspaper. It was a job I definitely thought I could do and do well... the only hitch was that it was based in Perth! A few weeks later I found myself in Perth for the job interview and 4 weeks after that Jason and I are in an apartment in West Perth, our furniture is on a container ship somewhere, our NZ house is now an investment property and tenanted, and I am on the eve of starting a new job!!!!

Our flight to Aussie was fantastic as far as flight go. Our first leg was from Wellington to Auckland and then the long haul from Auckland to Perth (about 7.5 hours). We were so lucky on the long flight to get fantastic seats... they were exit row seats and I couldn't even touch the seat in front of us... in fact at one stage I actually said to jason that I thought there was too much room hehehe. We also had an upgraded AirNZ flight with the back of the seat entertainment systems which makes the flights so much better. SO we arrived in Wellington well rested.

My new work has put us up in a great 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in West Perth for a month while we find a spot to live. Here is our main bedroom:

This is our lounge with the office in the background...a really great place and only 8 minutes walk to my new work! Jason will be able to pop down with my lunch each day :-)

This is the view from our main deck at the apartment. The Swan River is on the right and is the site of the Red Bull air race at the start of November, hopefully we are still in this place that weekend... it will be a prime viewing spot!

The nbext blog will recap the trials and tribulations of the first few days as a new migrant in Perth! Watch this space.

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