Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jason's new hobby

Last Sunday Jason and I decided to head to Subiaco to check what all the fuss was about. Subi (as the locals call it) is this funky little shopping precinct with some really cute shops... well it would be if they were open hehehe. You guessed it, closed on Sundays. Apparently in Perth only designated tourist areas are to be open on Sunday's and Subi is not one of those. Anyway our trip was 100% wasted as the small Subi markets were open and Jason got a new hobby. A 10 (or more) year hobby.... its his bonsai tree:
Jason being ever so philosophical decided that the tree represented our new life in Perth... we would need to water it, feed it and take good care of it to grow... but also good things take time!
After  just a couple of days Jason swore that little bonsai was bigger and bushier... so we took a measurement for future reference.... watch this space for updates:
Our little bonsai is a firethorn. A few bits of info about bonsai:
  • bonsai means "plant in a tray"
  • they are outdoor plants and should only be inside for a max of 2 days
  • they need watering once a day in winter and twice a day in summer
  • bonsai does not need direct sunlight
  • new bonsai are best trimmed in April, September, October and November!

Well there's not that much more to say about little Bonsai, his first trim will be in November so we will give an update then.

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