Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our new car's first trip...

S0 last week Jason and I bought a new car. A Mazda Tribute. It was such a treat to have a new car that although this week is Walk Week in Perth we have been driving everywhere, we figure that we have enough walk miles up our sleeve to drive for a few days. Here is our new car on its first drive out of town...

Last Saturday night we had no plans and a new car so we drove up the coast a bit to Quinns Rocks to have a little look round and to see how the new car drove on the open road. It was very comfortable and we have a great time. After 15 odd years of having a car then not having one for just a month you have no idea how much we missed having it! It makes you realise how reliant we have become on cars and convenience! Jason and I were pleased that we did wait to get a car though as it meant that we got to know Perth on foot first. You get a whole different perspective sightseeing around a city on foot. It makes you appreciate it a whole lot more I think. Mind you, it also means that you change your grocery shopping preferences to things that aren't as heavy hehehe.

Here are some kite surfers at the beach... this was about 7pm at night. There was a reasonable amount of wind but it was still warm.

A shot of a sea gull just cruising into the wind.

Heading down through the dunes to another part of the beach.

A great shot from the top of the sand dune looking down.

Jason working his way down the sand dune.

Footprints in the sand. Pretty self explanatory really :-)

Jason hading off up the beach while I was playing round with the camera. It was a beautifl night up at the beach and we really loved getting away from the city for an evening.

We were in the dog exercise part of the beach and it really reminded us how much we want a dog of our own. Unfortunately we can't at our new apartment so a dog for us is now at least a year away now.

The kite surfers were great, this one started showing off once he realised that I was taking photos! Hehehe. The kite surfers also reminded Jason and I of our wedding as they were out during our ceremony at the Noosa Rivermouth as well.

Well thats all for our first drive in the new car. The next post will be about the red bull air race.

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