Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Counting down...

The countdowns are on...

31 more days till we fly out to Brisbane (and only 23 of these are work days as well)
34 more days till Christmas (only 2 more pay days)
Only 41 more days of 2007
45 days till the Tauranga Half
83 more days till Jason's swim...

Hmmm now that scares me... a lot. Especially the severe lack of pay days till Christmas and how few training days there are till the Half Ironman....

I am having a light week of training this week, as I really hit the wall late last week. Just a bit of accumulated fatigue and trying to fit the party in really threw me for a six. But a light training week will fix that.

On Sunday Jason and I are swimming across Auckland Harbour (me with a wetsuit and Jason without).

Jason's training for this week is:

Mon: 5 km swim and massage
Tue AM: 5km swim, PM: 7km swim
Wed: 8km swim
Thurs AM: 5km swim, PM: 7km swim
Fri: 90 min sea swim no wetsuit
Sat: 3 hour continuous swim
Sun: across Auckland harbour swim (no wetsuit): 2.8km

This will be his biggest week yet mileage wise... about 58 - 60km. So I will be making lots of big pasta meals, tonight he is getting a chorizo pasta bake and tomorrow I will make a pasta, kumara and potato frittata.

My week is pretty casual training wise... I have:

Mon: Rest day and massage
Tue: 60 min swim, 60 min cycle and 30 min run
Wed: 75 min run
Thur: 60 min swim, 90 min ride
Fri: 40 - 60 min sea swim
Sat: 90km ride with some tempo and 60 min run off bike.
Sun: Across Akld harbour swim 2.8km.

that's all for now... till next time

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